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What can I do to help my teenagers skin?

Posted by Claire on

Get someone else to talk to your teen about their skin

A very common scenario in our pharmacy is mothers wanting information about how to help their young teenagers with their skin. I encourage them to bring their teenager in to see us so that we can properly assess the condition of their skin and also find out what they have tried to help with oiliness and pimples. I find that having another person talk to your teenager about their skin can be helpful as teens quite often aren't keen to listen to Mum and Dad! Not always the most fun stage in life with some teens being very self-conscious and embarrassed.

Cleanse,Tone and Moisturise

Cleanse,tone and moisturise the skin with gentle products. If you're bringing up teenage boys cleansing is a basic minimum and encourage them to moisturise also.Realistically some boys just won't be that interested but let them know that its good to maintain the skins ph balance with a moisturiser following cleansing.

I can recommend Avène Cleanance products to help oily and acne prone skin.It is made in France and is a range of products that is very gentle on the skin.I have recommended this to many customers in the last 16 years and the feedback has been great. 

We have 2 teenagers and they use Avène and I think that its been excellent for helping to keep their skin clear. For cleansing, the Avène Cleansing Gel 200ml - use about the size of a pea onto your hand,lather and wash your face, and use tepid water to remove.Pat your skin dry. If using a toner the  Avène Cleanance MAT is a Mattifying toner to help tighten pores and leaves your skin refreshed. Moisturise with Avène Cleanance MAT which is a light, oil-free moisturiser and helps to cut down on oily shine on the face.

Don't overdo the cleansing

People do joke about teenagers and their long showers but its probably better that they are showering rather than being the opposite and not bothering at all - teenagers have their extremes!

Encourage your teen to keep their face away from the hot water while they are showering.The water is just too hot and is very drying to the facial skin.The dryer your skin gets, the more oil your skin wants to produce to compensate. The same thing with cleansing the skin too much and too often - this just leads to dry and irritated skin which leads to more oiliness again. 

I spoke to one teenage girl who was showering morning and night and cleansing her skin straight after school also! - to cope with oiliness.There was an absolute turning point in her skin improving when she started to treat her skin more gently. 

Consult a pharmacist or other health professional if your teens skin is not improving and looking worse.Inflammation,pimples,redness and irritation may need more treatment options.

Encourage healthy habits

Speak positively to your teenager about their talents and good qualities.Try to listen to them and understand them.The ideal is to encourage healthy habits at home such as healthy regular meals,drink lots of water,exercise,get enough sleep,touch base with them daily even when they want to stay in their rooms.Realistically they probably do the opposite of your ideals some or all of the time,even when they are really good kids.But that's ok because at some point they will probably fall back on the healthy habits you taught them in earlier years - we hope anyway!

Avène Skincare is in Harts Pharmacy and also online at

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