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​Tell me about sinus rinse kits

Posted by Claire on

What is a sinus rinse kit?

A sinus rinse kit is an updated version of an old-fashioned remedy the Neti pot.It can work very effectively to help clear nasal sinuses of mucous congestion and bacterial buildup. It is a bottle which you fill with tepid water and you add 1-2 specially formulated sachets.Gently shake the bottle to mix up the solution. Lean over a basin,squeeze the sinus rinse bottle to flush each nostril several times. The sensation is similar to having water rush up your nose when you’ve jumped into a pool – I know! It sounds awful but it is worth it, your nasal sinuses will be clearer and you can breathe better afterwards. Gently blow your nose after some flushing with the solution to clear nasal passages.

How often should I do a sinus rinse?

You can do a sinus rinse morning and evening to help clear your sinuses.

It can be helpful for people using a medicated nasal spray to treat sinus inflammation and congestion locally. Do a sinus rinse to clear the sinuses, wait 10 minutes then use your medicated nasal spray. The nasal spray can now reach the site easily and therefore works more effectively.

Who is it for?

It can be very useful for people who have blocked and congested nasal sinuses due to hayfever, colds or asthma. Sinus rinse kits can be helpful to use along with medicated nasal sprays, anti-histamines and other medications to help clear nasal congestion.

Who is it not suitable for? 

It is not suitable for people who have had recent nasal surgery unless advised by a specialist.Or when nasal passages are completely blocked,a person has an ear infection or if a person experiences pain and/or irritation when using the nasal rinse.

Feedback from customers

We have had very positive feedback from our customers and some have found the sinus rinse kits life-changing! Being able to breathe better and ease nasal congestion has helped improve their health and they can enjoy everyday life more.

Of course this information is of a general nature and not intended to be specific to each person. Discuss use of a sinus rinse kit with your pharmacist/doctor and find out whether it is something that could work for you.

Neilmed is a trusted brand and also Fess. There are a few different options that you can try. For instance, Neilmed and Fess both have a starter kit that includes sachets. The sachets are then sold separately in different amounts.Fess has an added ingredient which helps to expel bacteria and viruses. We sell Neilmed and Fess in our bricks and mortar store Harts Pharmacy and also online at

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